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Low Voltage Circuit Breakers & ContactorsLow voltage circuit breakers & contactors

Miniature circuit brakers & residual current circuit breakersMiniature Circuit Breakers & Residual Current Circuit Breakers

Metasol contactors & overload relaysMetasol Contactors & Overload relays

Manual Motor startersManual Motor Starters



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LS Industrial Systems
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LS Industrial Systems leads the industrial electronic machinery and system market of Korea with the most advanced technology and thet are developing and applying future technology according to their customers needs.

Automation Equipment

With experiences from the electronics equipment technology and automation system installation, LSIS provides the most advanced control equipment and technology. As a leader of the automation equipment field in Korea, LSIS manufactures and supplies core equipment & system of industrial automation according to the international specifications to globalize industrial automation equipment and system.

  • Miniature
    Circuit Breakers
  • Residual Current
    Circuit Breakers
  • Contactor
    & Relay
  • Manual
    Motor Starters

BKN Miniature Circuit BreakerBKN, BKN-b

Suitable for protection against fault at final distribution

  • BK type MCB is the best circuit-breaker used for the protection of circuits in industry and building, house sector.
  • It ensures protection against short-circuit and overload currents.
  • CB by KEMA
Miniature Circuit Breakers

A circuit-breaker used for the protection of circuits in industry and building, house sector. It ensures the following functions:
protection against short-circuit and overload currents, isolation, protection of persons against indirect contact

  • TYPE
    Miniature Circuit Breakers luettelo
    miniature circuit breakers luettelo
    BK series
  • Characteristics
    B, C, D curves
  • Various accessories
    BK type MCBs offer more accessories for varied applications and allows easy access to install them, especially for the electrical auxiliaries.
  • Compliance with international standard
    IEC60947-1, IEC-60947-2, EN60947-1, EN60947-2, UL489, JIS, TSE, SABS, Marine classification companies (Veritas, Lloyd뭩 Register of Shipping, Det Norske Veritas, etc.)
  • Certification
    KEMA CB certification, CE document of conformity, UL, CCC



Suitable devices for protection against indirect contact

  • Residual current circuit breakersRCD protection at the circuit breaker controlloing all supplied to the area at risk is necessary in some locations, and mendatory in many conutries.

When a current exceeding 30mA passes through a part of a human body, the person concerned is in serious danger if the current is not interrupted in a very short time. The protection of persons against electric shock in LV installations must be provided in conformity with appropriate national standards and statutory regulations, codes of practices, official guides, etc. IEC wiring regulations impose the use of RCDs on circuits supplying socket outlets, installed in particular locations considered to be potentially dangerous, or used for special purposes.

  • Miniature Circuit Breakers luettelo
    Miniature Circuit Breakers luettelo
    RCCBs (Residual Current Circuit Breakers)
    These RCCBs are accurately described in IEC61008 as load-break switches". "Residual-current load-break switches"?would be a more accurate description of a RCCB, which, although assigned a rated making and breaking capacity, is not designed to break short-circuit currents so that the term RCCB can be misunderstanding.
    → LS model: RKN type RCCBs
  • RCBOs
    The “O” stands for “Overcurrent” which refers to the fact that, in addition to sensitive differential earth-fault protection, overcurrent protection is provided. The RCBOs has a rated short-circuit breaking capability and is properly referred to as a circuit breaker. IEC61009 is the international reference standard. These units are designed for domestic and similar installations.
    → LS model: RKP type RCBOs

Metasol Series Contactors & TORMetasol series contactors & TOR

  • Compact size & easy connection
  • High Performance and long electrical life
  • Greater environmental immunity
  • Sealed structure which improves its safety features
  • Rated current : 6 ~ 800A with 9 Frame size
  • Up to 440kW at 440V in category AC-3
  • Uimp = 8kV, Ui = 1,000V(Over 40AF)
  • Combination with Manual motor starters
  • Various accessories
  • KEMA, UL/CSA, CE certified
High Performance
Metasol luettelo
Metasol luettelo
  • Endure reliability in the system: Type ∥ coordination
  • Perfect system with peripheral devices
  • No arc exposure via sealed structure
User convenience
  • One-touch connection with Din Rail
  • Simple wiring with Adapter, Reversing wire set
  • 4-terminal type: Easy wiring of operation coil
  • Module type of screw terminal
  • Interlock unit with built-auxiliary contacts (2NO built-in)

Meta MEC series MMSManual motor starters

  • Efficiency through various functions and compact design.
  • Complete ranges up to 100A and 100kA
  • Wide variety of accessories

Meta-MEC MMSs are suitable for switching and protecting three-phase induction motors of up to 45kW at 400VAC and for loads with rated currents of up to 100A.

Manual Motor Starters luettelo
Manual motor starters luettelo

MMS32S, MMS32H, MMS63S, MMS63H, MMS100S, MMS100H

  • Protection of group installation
  • Protection of circuits
  • Motor protection & Starter protection
  • Wide range of ambient temperature compensation
  • Phase failure protection
  • The components fulfill the international standard IEC 60947.
  • In U.S, the devices can be used as Manual Motor Starter in Group Installations according UL508. The approval for UL508 Type E Combination Starter is under preparation.